A new concept in Model Railroad Control.


Privacy Disclosure

WifiTrax Workshop Customer Information.

Customers who have bought WifiTrax products have the option of registering those products and upgrading firmware using the WifiTrax Workshop Windows Application

Before registering a purchased product, customers must create an account. To create an account, customers must provide their Name, Address, email address and a password. The name and address are required so that WifiTrax can be assured that only bona fide customers are registering products and also for geographical information about the usage of our products. The email is required so that customers can be contacted if it is necessary to communicate about product issues.

WifiTrax keeps all information securely including the password hash and will never disclose the said information to any third party except as may be requested by the customer.

Use of Wi-Fi SSID and Shared Key in modules.

WifiTrax provides you with capability to operate your model railroad using desk top computers, tablets or smart phones that communicate with model railroad locomotives over your Wi-Fi network.

The WifiTrax system can operate in Direct or Infrastructure Mode. In Infrastructure Mode you can control more than one train from the same computer, run consists, operate switches (points or turnouts) and control power. To run in Infrastructure Mode, each locomotive or other WifiTrax device must operate as a Station on your Wi-Fi network and must be able to connect to your Network Router Wi-Fi Access Point. To do this, the locomotive must store the password (pre-shared key) for your Wi-Fi Access Point. The Loco Operator app or Tower Operator app running on Android or Windows 10 allows you to store your Wi-Fi password on your computer and sends it to each locomotive that you install as a Wi-Fi Station, over YOUR PRIVATE LOCAL AREA NETWORK. The password is stored in the locomotive until you use the App to disable Wi-Fi Station Operation in that locomotive.

When you install our Loco Operator or Tower Operator apps on some versions of Android, you may be asked to accept that the app will access your files including images and documents. This is a standard Android warning. Our apps do NOT access any documents other than those created by the app or downloaded from our website to support our app. Similarly Android may report that our apps access your location. It does not. Location access ability is required in order to control Wi-Fi access which our apps do as part of connecting to your model locomotive WifiTrax controllers.

The WifiTrax system uses no other personal information. WifiTrax will update this privacy disclosure if in the future any feature is added involving any other personal or authentication information.