A new concept in Model Railroad Control.

WifiTrax Loco Operator App for Windows 10 and Android

WifiTrax Loco Operator App for Windows 10 and Android

Because of Covid, there are some delays in processing apps through the Google Play Store, if you are accessing this page from your Android device, you can install the latest version 3.5 directly from our website by clicking on the link below. To install from this link you will have to allow your Android device to "Install from unknown sources". This option varies with different Android versions but is usually found on the "Settings, Lock Screen and Security" page in Android. However if this is set to disallow unknown sources, you will usually be able to accept "Just this app" when you install it.

Android Loco Operator 3 Vers. 3.5

Android Version 3.5 (latest) version from WifiTrax Website

Windows Loco Operator 3 Vers. 3.5

Windows Version 3.5 from the Windows App Store

Loco Operator 3 Vers 3.5 for Windows is also available for Windows sideloading using the link below.

Windows Version 3.5 from WifiTrax Website

To install on Windows you will also need the public key certificate:

Download Windows Certificate

Download this, open it and install the certificate on your Local Machine in Store Location: Local Machine . Don't automatically select a store, instead browse the Certificate Stores and choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities. If you are in doubt about the security of this, please download from the Windows Store.

The support files may also be useful for some Loco Operator 3 functions:

Download Suport Files BETA 1

WifiTrax Loco Operator App

  • Drive one or two locomotives from the Drive page. You can view the real scale speed for each, which comes from the back-emf of the motor. The windscreen view is just for effect - we don't have video from the locomotive (YET!)
  • Manage the locomotives on your railroad Wi-Fi network, including adding new ones or removing them
  • Organize two or more locomotives into Consists. Tune the individual locos in the consist. Consists appear for selection on the Drive page just like a single locomotive.
  • View telemetry from your locomotive and tune its control parameters. Often the loco will run fine on the default factory settings but you can often improve. Also you will want to give each locomotive a name.
  • Adjust the settings such as the network information, miles/kilometers, etc.

Operating System Requirements

Android 4.4 and above, on Android Phone or Tablet.

Windows 10 on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet such as Microsoft Surface or similar, Microsoft Windows 10 Phone

There are many versions of Android and we can't test them all, so it's a good idea to download and try the App before you buy one of our modules!

We don't yet support IOS, but we probably will fairly soon.