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WifiTrax Hardware Warranty

WifiTrax Model Science provides a one (1) year warranty on our electronic modules against manufacturing defects. This does not include harnesses and accessories such as LEDs which are warranted for a period of one (1) month. Software is covered by a different warranty as below.

You do not need to register your product unless you require warranty repair.

If your product has failed and you require warranty repair, please send a brief email describing the failure to the link below and we will reply with an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and instructions for return. Please remove the unit from your locomotive before returning it to us. Do not send your locomotive to us.

WifiTrax Software and Firmware Warranty

WifiTrax Model Science warrants that its software and firmware shall perform in all material respects according to the functional descriptions, specifications and instructions for a period of one (1) year after the acquisition date. Due to the complex and inovative nature of the software and its interactions with the user's network infrastructure and our inability to test all scenarios in which our software and firmware may be used, WifiTrax does NOT warrant that your use of the software and/or firmware will be uniterrupted and error free. Furthermore WifiTrax specifically excludes consequential damage that you may incur as a result of any such defects.

Reporting Software Defects

Please report any software defects, complaints, recommendations or requests by sending us an email using the link below. We will try to correct defects in later releases and also consider request for new functions.

Definition of Terms

Hardware - Electronic modules such as Wi-Fi Loco Controllers, Switch Machine Controllers, Harnesses etc.

Software - Apps that you download and install from the Microsoft, Google or other App or Play Store.

Firmware - Computer code that is install in FLASH memory within a hardware module.

Consequential Damage - Any monetary losses incurred as a result of failture of WifiTrax products other than loss or damage to WifiTrax supplied hardware.

Frequently asked Questions

Why are harnesses only covered for one month? Because the wiring on harnesses is quite delicate and can be damaged if you keep removing and replacing a module in a locomotive. If you do not disturb your installation we expect the harness to last as long as the module.

What are "Consequential Damages"? These are damage to other equipment due to unexpected failure of our products, For instance, if our software loses contact with your locomotive which then crashes into another on your layout, we cannot be held liable for damage to your locomotive. It is up to you to take care to avoid such a situation!

Why do we not fully warrant the software to be error free? Because software is complex and also depends on your network and circumstances, for example the number of tablets, locos etc. that are being driven. We cannot test all the possible ways in which you might use it or it would take too long and the resulting software would be too expensive. We want to give you a clever product as soon as we can.