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Controller Harnesses

JST to 8-Pin Harnesses

This standard harness connects the 9-pin JST connector on any harnessed Wi-Fi Locomotive Controller with a NMRA Standard 8-pin connector on a DCC-Ready locomotive. The low profile design avoids a tangle of crossed wires by using a miniature PC board for the NMRA connector and so saves space in your locomotive. Precisely fitted, gold plated pins ensure high reliability.

Many lengths are available as pictured below in both standard and reversed design. Leads that are too long make it hard to replace the body shell and may foul moving parts. Our wide variety and clear pictures help you choose the right one to best fit your locomotive./p>

Reversed design allows you to easily locate the Wi-Fi Controller on the other side of the NMRA 8-pin connector without folding the leads over.

The lead colors and functions are exactly the same as DCC harnesses ensuring full compatibility. All prices in US dollars.

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