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WFD-46 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Trackside Booster

WFD-46 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Booster with Auto Reverse and Variable Track Voltage

Available December 2022


The WFD-46 adds power districting to your DCC system.
You can install this Wi-Fi/DCC Booster on your layout to provide bipolar DCC encoded power to your track or layout accessories. The DCC peak to peak output voltage is adjustable to allow balancing of power districts and auto reverses as locos go over the gaps to keep the polarity the same. You can connect any DCC signal to its input that is compatible with th NMRA DCC standard.

A good choice is the WFD-27 Wi-Fi/DCC Command Station/Booster or the WFD-28 Command Station. These provide Wi-Fi control via a Web Browser, the WiThrottle app on iPhone, Engine Driver app on Android or the TCS UWT-100. You also use the WFD-46 with any other NMRA compatible DCC Command Station simply as an auto-reversing 5A booster.

You can chain these boosters to set up multi-power district, DCC layouts.

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WiThrottle is the name of a communication protocol authored by Brett Hoffman and also of an IOS app written by Brett Hoffman. Engine Driver is the name of an Android app written by M. Steve Todd.
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WFD-46 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Trackside 5 amp Booster

This module is a DCC Booster and can be easily installed on any scale model railroad to provide Wi-Fi control of DCC Locomotives and Accessories. It is compatible with NMRA compliant command stations and decoders.

The WFD-46 requires a DCC input from a command station. This can be either bi-polar DCC as would be supplied to your track or it can be in the NMRA Control Bus balanced RS-485 format. The WFD-46 provides a Control Bus output that may be connected to other WFD-46 to provide mulitple power districts.

The DCC output voltage to the track is adjustable via a screwdriver, multi-turn precison trimmer on the module. Two ranges are provided, one for N and HO scale, approx 9V to 15V, the other intended for larger scales, 13V to 20V.

over-current shutdown protects both the booseter and your equipment and can be set at 3A or 5A

Main Track output is provided.

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15 Volt mains power adapter sold separately.

WFD-46 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Trackside Command Station/Booster

Preliminary Specification - Subject to change until product is released for sale.


Length: 120mm (4.72") Width: 80mm (3.15") Maximum Height: 15mm (0.59")

Functions and Modes of Operation

Installs on your layout to provide direct Wi-Fi control and supply of Bipolar DCC to main track or portions of main track defined as power districts.

Output Ratings

Maximum Continuous Current Main Track: 5.0 Amp.

Power Supply Options

(1) 15 to 22 Volts DC independent power, wired to screw teminals on unit. This unit does not operate using AC. Input must be connected with correct polarity but module is protected against power reversal.
(3) Plug-in 15V mains adapter connected directly to unit - available separately.


Four M3 mounting holes for use with screws, nuts and spacers, or suitable wood screws with spacers. Mounting kit provided.


One pair of screw terminal outputs to connect bipolar DCC power to main track.
One pair of screw terminal inputs to connect optional opto-isolated bipolar DCC power as input.
Two RJ10 sockets to be used as input and output for balanced RS-485 DCC Control Bus from Command Station. These act as output when module is set to use track DCC as input
Two screw terminal connections for DC power input, (acts as power output when barrel connector used).
Barrel connector for alternative 15V - 22V DC Mains Adapter (Sold Separately).

LED Indicators

Red LED indcates that power is present at the unit.
Green LED flashes when a hand-held device communicates via Wi-Fi. Lit constantly when on home network. Blue LED indicates DCC is received by the unit and is delivered to main track. Blue LED flashes when overload shutdown occurs.

Mains Adapter Details

The power adapter must supply between 12 and 22 Volts DC (18V recommended) with a Barrel Plug (2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D. x 9.5mm). The center pin must be positive. A recommended power adaptor is available from WifiTrax: http://www.wifitrax.com/products/product-PA15-43-1-detail.html


The module shuts down automatically when the current on its track outputs exceeds approximately 6A or 3A as selected, or when a short of the main track occurs. Power is restored automatically when the short is removed.
Protection is provided against accidental reversal of the power input to the module.

Read the Quick Start Document