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WFP-40 Four-Block Wi-Fi Power Controller

WFP-40 Four-Block Wi-Fi Power Controller

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The WFP-40 with a Mains Power Adapter is all you need to provide power district management for your WifiTrax model railroad. It provides Wi-Fi Control of four isolated track power blocks. You can use Tower Operator App to control and monitor the power supply to each block as well as detect occupancy of each block by a locomotive.

Automatic overload protection is provided at block and module level.

It also helps you if you have a Reversing Loop, Wye or Turntable as it will automatically detect shorts due to these and reverse the direction of the offending block, as a loco travels continuously round a reversing loop.

Use it with your DCC System! You can connect your existing DCC command controller so that DCC locos can operate in the WFP-40 blocks alongside your WifiTrax equipped locos.

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WFP-40 Four-Block Wi-Fi Power Controller

This module can be easily installed on any scale model railroad where there is a requirement to divide the track into isolated blocks or districts.

This is necessary when you want to include reversing loops, wyes or turntables on your model railroad. The module automatically detects a loco transiting between two blocks and reverses the direction of one of them if required.

This module allows you to control the direction of power to four fully (both rail) isolated blocks on your model railroad track. The source may be fixed DC suitable for WifiTrax-equiped locomotives, or a DCC signal from a DCC controller or booster.

The blocks are monitored for loco occupancy and current drawn, and automatic over current shutdown is provided independently on each block. The occupancy, current drawn and any shutdown condition are displayed on the Tower Operator App.

If you use a DCC signal as a source connected to the external input of this module, you can run both DCC locos and WifiTrax locos on the blocks under control of this module. You would use your existing DCC Command Controller to drive your DCC locos and our Loco Operator App to drive WifiTrax installed locos.

Fully compatible with DCC systems. 15 Volt mains power adapter sold separately.

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WFP-40 Four-Block Wi-Fi Power Controller


Length: 110mm (4.33") Width: 62.5mm (2.46") Maximum Height: 22.8mm (0.90")

Functions and Modes of Operation

Installs on your layout to provide direct Wi-Fi control of power blocks using our Tower Operator App on Android or Windows 10.

Output Ratings

Maximum Continuous Current each Channel: 1.5 Amp. Maximum Continuous Total Current (All channels): 2.5 Amp.
Over Current protection on each channel.
Total Over Current Protection.

Power Supply Options

12 to 18 Volts DC independent power, wired to screw teminals on unit. This unit does not operate using AC.
Power supplied from NMRA Compatible DCC Booster may be used as alternative to DC.
Plug-in 15V mains adapter connected directly to unit - available separately.
Typical inactive current consumption: 120mA.


Four M3 mounting holes for use with screws, nuts and spacers, or suitable wood screws with spacers.


Four pairs of screw terminal outputs to connect to track blocks.
Four screw terminal open-drain outputs for track occupancy indicator LEDs.
Solderable pin providing 3.3 Volts for LED anodes. Two screw terminal connections for DC or DCC power.
Two screw terminals for DCC signal input.

Read the Quick Start Document